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the version [of HyperCard]
the long version [of HyperCard]
the version of stack

The version property returns the version number of the HyperCard application that is currently running. You can’t set the version.

The long version returns an 8-digit number in the form xxyyzzrr as follows:

  • xx : The major revision number
  • yy : The minor revision number
  • zz : The software state, where
    • 80 = final
    • 60 = beta
    • 40 = alpha
    • 20 = development
  • rr : The release number

For example, 02206044 is version 2.2 beta release 44, and 02208000 is version 2.2 final.

The version of stack returns a comma-separated list of five numbers in the format of Macintosh version resources:

  • Item 1 is the version of HyperCard that created the stack.
  • Item 2 is the version that last compacted the stack.
  • Item 3 is the oldest version to change the stack since the last Compact Stack.
  • Item 4 is the version that has most recently changed the stack.
  • Item 5 is the number of seconds from 12:00 midnight 1/1/04 to the last time that the stack was changed.


if item 1 of the version of this stack < "02208000" then ...

Demo Script

on answerTheVersion
  answer "The version is:" && the version & return &¬
  "The long version is:" && the long version
end answerTheVersion


An expression that identifies a stack by its name, using one of the following forms:

this stack
stack text -- name or path name

For example:

stack "Home"
stack "Simonides:School:References"
this stack
stack "HD:Stacks:Addresses alias
When used inside a stack script:
When a stack receives a message:[the] target

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