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set [the] variableWatcher ¬
     to resourceName

The variableWatcher property returns or sets the name of the external command (or XCMD) that displays the Variable Watcher window for inspecting the values of local and global variables.

The name of HyperCard’s variable watcher is VariableWatcher.

To change the value of a variable using HyperCard’s Variable Watcher, click to select a variable. Its value appears in the bottom panel. Edit the value, and press Enter to save it.

Third-party developers can supply other variable watchers that you can install into HyperCard.

Click Tips for information about the properties of the Variable Watcher.


set the variableWatcher to "The Inspector" -- if it's installed


A text expression that evaluates to the name of a resource in the current stack, a stack being used, the Home stack, or HyperCard itself.

Resources have different types. Some common resource types used with HyperCard are PICT, ICON, XCMD, and XFCN.

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