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 get [the] zoomed of window
set [the] zoomed of window ¬
    to trueOrFalse 
When the zoomed is true, window is full sized and centered on the current display. The zoomed becomes false when the user drags the window from its original position and/or resizes it.

Window is any window with a zoom box. If window is straddling two displays, setting the zoomed to true opens window to its full size and centers it on the display holding more than half of the window's image.

Clicking the zoom box toggles the zoomed between true and false.


get the zoomed of the card window
get the zoomed of window "My Picture"

set the zoomed of the card window to true 
set the zoomed of window "Zoomer" to true

Demo Script

on mouseUp
   set the zoomed of card window to true
   set the zoomed of card window to false
 end mouseUp


One of HyperCard’s built-in windows, the window containing the current stack (called the card window), or any other window containing a stack, as follows:

card window
tool window
window "tools"
pattern window
window "Patterns"
scroll window
window "scroll"
[the] message [window]
[the] message [box]
[the] msg [window]
[the] msg [box]
window "message"
message watcher
window "message watcher"
variable watcher
window "variable watcher"
window "Home"
window "Readymade Buttons"
-- if longWindowTitles is true:
window "My HD:Home"
window 6
window ID 21403082
Note: If a window containing a stack is inactive, you can set only its location and visible properties.
Important: External windows can’t be substituted for the window placeholder (see the externalWindow placeHolder).

Any expression that evaluates to the HyperTalk and AppleScript constants true or false.

For example:

the hilite of bg btn "Yes"
fld "Zip" contains "95014"
the short name of this stack is "Fred"

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