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the [adjective ] target Value returned: a text string that identifies the object that originally receives a message sent by HyperCard or by the send keyword. If an object does not have a name, the target returns its ID.

The adjectives abbreviated, long, and short return various forms of an object’s name as with the property the name. (Click Related Topics for more information about name.)

Note: the abbreviated target is the same as the target.

HyperTalk distinguishes between the target and target: the target always returns a string that identifies an object, but the single word target is a container.

If the target is a button or field, target refers to the contents of that button or field. If not, target returns an error.


the short target
the long target
the abbreviated target
the abbrev target
the abbr target

put word 2 of the clickLine into N
select line N of the target -- a field

if the target contains "button" then ...
else if the target contains "field" then ...

Demo Script

on whoIsTheTarget
   -- Since the Run the Script button sends a message to the demo script
   -- field, the target is set to it while this handler runs.
   answer "The target is:" && the target
   answer "target (a container) is:" & return & return & ¬
   char 1 to 200 of target -- string must be < 255 chars
 end whoIsTheTarget


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