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the suspended

The suspended property returns whether HyperCard is currently running in the background under MultiFinder® or under System 7.X. You can switch to another program while a handler is running, and scripts will continue to run in the background.

Use the suspended property in a handler to alter the handler’s behavior if it’s running in the background—for example, to avoid displaying ask or answer dialog boxes.

HyperCard gives time to MultiFinder (and thus to other programs) as follows:

  • After it executes each HyperTalk statement in a handler
  • Whenever it rotates the busy cursor (during compacting, sorting, and printing)
  • During the execution of the show cards command and the wait command


if not(the suspended) then 
  -- Show a dialog when we're not running in the background:
  ask file "Save as what file?"
  put it into theFileName
 --We're in the background, use a default name:
 put "Untitled 1" into theFileName
end if

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