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the result  
Values returned:

• the value set by a return keyword during the execution of a message

empty if most commands succeed; otherwise, a message string

In handlers, it’s usually best to test a command with an expression such as
if the result is not empty then ...
That way, the handler doesn’t rely on the specific value of a string.

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go card "ZZ" 
if the result is not empty then ... -- didn't go there

find "XZZ" in field "Title"
if the result is not empty then ... -- didn't find it

Demo Script

on resultDemo
  find "Pat, Jim, Eric, and Eli" in bkgnd field "title"
  answer "Pat, Jim, Eric, Eli:" && the result
  go to card "Pat, Jim, Eric, and Eli"
  answer "Pat, Jim, Eric, and Eli:" && the result
end resultDemo

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