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repeat [forever]
end repeat

The statements in a repeat forever structure repeat continuously.

If HyperCard executes an exit repeat statement in the loop, it continues running the handler starting from the first statement after end repeat.

If HyperCard executes a next repeat statement, it returns immediately to the beginning of the repeat loop.

Demo Script

on mouseUp
   show bkgnd field "demo field"
   put return & "    Click the mouse to stop counting..." ¬
   into bkgnd field "demo field"
   put 1 into theCount
   put space & space & theCount after bkgnd field "demo field"
   repeat forever
     set the cursor to busy
     add 1 to theCount
     get last char of theCount
     if it = 0 OR it = 5 then next repeat -- skip fives and tens
     put theCount into last word of bkgnd field "demo field"
     if the mouse is DOWN OR theCount = 10000 then exit repeat
   end repeat
   hide bkgnd field "demo field"
   put empty into bkgnd field "demo field"
 end mouseUp


Any return-separated list of built-in commands, user-defined handlers, or keywords that are part of a message or function handler.

put "Hello world"   -- built-in command
get total(field 1)  -- function call
global HelpInfo     -- keyword

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