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 get [the] [long|short] owner of card
get [the] owner of window 

This read-only property tells you the name of the background to which a specified card belongs, or it tells you the creator of a window.

Long owner of card returns the full path name of the background. Short owner of card returns the short name of the background.

Owner of card returns “bkgnd” plus the leaf name of the background.

The window form returns HyperCard if it's a stack or built-in window, or the name of an XCMD if it's an external window.


palette navigator
answer the owner of window "navigator" -- if it's showing

answer the owner of window "tools"

answer the short owner of card 1

answer "This card is in Background" && the short owner of this card


One of HyperCard’s built-in windows, the window containing the current stack (called the card window), or any other window containing a stack, as follows:

card window
tool window
window "tools"
pattern window
window "Patterns"
scroll window
window "scroll"
[the] message [window]
[the] message [box]
[the] msg [window]
[the] msg [box]
window "message"
message watcher
window "message watcher"
variable watcher
window "variable watcher"
window "Home"
window "Readymade Buttons"
-- if longWindowTitles is true:
window "My HD:Home"
window 6
window ID 21403082
Note: If a window containing a stack is inactive, you can set only its location and visible properties.
Important: External windows can’t be substituted for the window placeholder (see the externalWindow placeHolder).

An expression that identifies a card by name, number, or id using one of the following forms (in AppleScript, use “background” in place of “bkgnd”):

recent card
card id posInteger [of bkgnd ]card text [of bkgnd ] -- namecard posInteger [of bkgnd ] -- numberordinal card [of bkgnd ]position card [of bkgnd ]

ordinal marked cardposition marked cardmarked card posInteger

For example:

card id 3894
card "Index"
card 1 of background 1
prev card
previous card of this background
next card
this card
first card
last card
middle card
any card
first marked card
last marked card
next marked card
previous marked card
marked card 1
marked card (the number of marked cards)
When used inside a card script in HyperTalk:
When a card receives a message:
[the] target
See also: button and field

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