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open report printing

open report printing
open report printing with dialog
open report printing ¬
     with template text
where text is the name of a report template in the current stack.
The open report printing command begins the process of printing a stack (or part of a stack) as a report. It uses the current settings from the Print Report dialog box. You must use the close printing command to end a job begun with open report printing.

If you specify the with dialog option, HyperCard displays the Print Report dialog box and the user can choose new settings. If you specify the with template option, HyperCard prints the stack with the named report template.

HyperCard sets the function the result to Cancel if the user clicks Cancel in the dialog box, to no such report template if you specify a template that doesn’t exist, or to empty in all other cases.


An expression that evaluates to a text string.

A text expression can be a literal string surrounded by quotation marks or the value of a container.

For example:

"The sum is:" && 3
card field 1
line 1 of bg fld "Address"
the Message box
the selection
myVar -- a variable
See also: background, bkgnd, button, card, field, menu, menuItem, and stack

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