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set [the] lockMessages to trueOrFalse

The lockMessages property returns or sets whether HyperCard sends certain messages automatically.

The messages affected are closeCard, closeBackground, closeStack, openCard, openBackground, openStack, resumeStack, and suspendStack.

Setting lockMessages to true is useful when you want to go to a card to retrieve or save information, but you don’t want to stay there. (The handler will run faster with lockMessages set to true.)

The default setting is false, meaning that HyperCard does send the messages. HyperCard sets lockMessages to false on idle.


set the lockMessages to true

Demo Script

on lockMessagesDemo
   -- The script of this background contains a closeCard handler that
   -- closes this Demo Script field if it is open.
   -- By locking messages, this handler prevents HyperCard from sending
   -- the closeCard message when it goes to the previous card.
   set lockmessages to true
   click at the loc of bkgnd button "Prev"
   click at the loc of bkgnd button "Next"
   set lockmessages to false
 end lockMessagesDemo


Any expression that evaluates to the HyperTalk and AppleScript constants true or false.

For example:

the hilite of bg btn "Yes"
fld "Zip" contains "95014"
the short name of this stack is "Fred"

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