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set [the] hilite of button ¬ to trueOrFalse

The hilite property returns or sets whether a button is highlighted (shown in inverse video).

With check boxes and radio buttons, hilite determines whether the button is selected.

If a button belongs to a family and its hilite property is set to true from a script, the hilite property of each of the other buttons in the family is set to false.

(Click Tips to see a list of synonyms you can use for hilite.)

Demo Script

on hiliteDemo
  flashButton "bkgnd btn id 61",3
  flashButton "bkgnd btn id 57",3
  flashButton "bkgnd btn id 58",3
end hiliteDemo
on flashButton whichBtn, howManyTimes
  repeat for (howManyTimes * 2)
    set the hilite of whichBtn to not the hilite of whichBtn
  end repeat
end flashButton


HyperTalk DefinitionAn expression that identifies a button by name, number, or id, using one of the following forms:

[card] button id posInteger [of card ][card] button text [of card ] -- name[card] button posInteger [of card ]ordinal [card] button [of card ]

button id posInteger [of card ]bkgnd button text [of card ] -- namebkgnd button posInteger [of card ]ordinal bkgnd button [of card ]For example:

card button id 3894
card button "Return"
card button 1
first card button
bkgnd button 2 of card 2
last bkgnd button
When used inside a button script:
When a button receives a message:
[the] target
A button can also be referred to as a part when you’re talking about its position among all buttons and fields within the same card or background.

AppleScript DefinitionAn expression that identifies a button by name, number, or id, using the same forms as HyperTalk except that “background” must be used in place of “bkgnd”.

Any expression that evaluates to the HyperTalk and AppleScript constants true or false.

For example:

the hilite of bg btn "Yes"
fld "Zip" contains "95014"
the short name of this stack is "Fred"

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