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global variableList

The global keyword makes a variable and its contents available to any handler in HyperCard. Changing the value of a global variable in any handler changes its value everywhere.

Note: You must use the global keyword in each handler to declare the global variables you want to use.

Global variables are not saved between sessions of HyperCard. Global variables are also lost under System 6's single Finder when a user (or handler) suspends HyperCard by launching another application with the open command.


global myVar

global pages,sections,chapters

Demo Script

on mouseUp
   global theName
   ask "What is your name?"
   if it is empty then exit mouseUp
   put it into theName
 end mouseUp

 on answerReverseName
   global theName
   repeat with i = the number of chars in theName down to 1
     put char i of theName after reverseName
   end repeat
   answer "Your name spelled backwards is" && reverseName & "."
   -- put empty into the global when you are done with it:
   put empty into theName
 end answerReverseName


A comma-separated list of global variable names.

The actual names don’t matter as long as they’re not the same as one of HyperCard’s reserved words. (That is, don’t use result as a variable name.)

For example:

var1,var2,var3, var4
fieldName, N, numberOfCharacters

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