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get expression
get [the] property [of object ]

The get command puts the value of any expression or property into the local variable it.

That is,

get expression

is the same as

put expression into it


get random(100) -- places a random number into the variable it
put it

get the short name of this card
if it is "Index" then ...

get the userLevel
if it < 3 then ...

Demo Script

on getNumChars
  get the number of characters in bkgnd field "Demo Script"
  answer "This demo script contains" && it && "characters."
end getNumChars


HyperTalk DefinitionAny HyperTalk expression. All expressions evaluate to text, a number, or a constant.

For example:

"this is" && it
(3+2) = 5
the heapspace div 1024

Note: Formally, HyperCard distinguishes between factors (simple values) and expressions. The difference between factors and expressions matters only if you like to drop parentheses. Most functions take factors as their parameters, which is why length of 3 + 5 returns 6 and length of (3 + 5) returns 1. In short, always use parentheses to group things the way you want them to evaluate, and you won’t have to worry about the difference between factors and expressions.

AppleScript DefinitionAny series of words that has a value.

HyperTalk DefinitionA literal string that names a characteristic of an object (for example, a field or button property) or of HyperCard itself (called a global property).

Properties vary depending on the object and include

the location
the rectangle
the name
the textArrows
the userLevel
AppleScript DefinitionA characteristic of an object that has a single value and is identified by a label.

HyperTalk DefinitionThe object HyperCard, or any expression that identifies an object by name, number, or id.

For example:

[the] target
button 1
background part 6
card field id 3894
this card
next background
stack "My Stack"
AppleScript DefinitionAn identifiable part of an application, or a thing within an application that can respond to commands.

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