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the foundLine
Value returned: a line expression equal to the line of a field where the most recent find command located its target string. If nothing was found, it returns empty.

The line expression has the following form:

line i of card field n
line i of bkgnd field n

where i is the line number and n is the number of the field.

Note: A return character determines a line, not the line wrap. A line that wraps and is displayed as two lines is treated as one line by HyperTalk.


find "Ann"
put the foundLine

-- Using foundLine to select a line:
find currentTopic in field "Topics"
select word 1 to 2 of the foundLine

Demo Script

on foundLineDemo
   set cursor to watch
   find string "on foundLineDemo"
   answer "The foundLine is" && the foundLine & "." & return ¬
   & return & "The value of the foundLine is “" &¬
   the value of the foundLine & "”."
 end foundLineDemo


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