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export paint

export paint to file fileName

The export paint command saves a Paint image of the current card to the specified file. Export paint works only when one of the Paint tools is chosen.

This command has the same effect as the Export Paint menu item that appears in the File menu (when a Paint tool is chosen), except that it avoids the dialog box that prompts the user for a file name.

If export paint succeeds, HyperCard sets the function the result to empty; if the command fails (if, for example, you use export paint when the Browse tool is chosen), HyperCard sets the result to "Couldn't export paint."


export paint to file "Screen Dump 0"

ask file "Export paint to file:"
if it is not empty then export paint to file it


An expression that evaluates to a text string that is also a valid Macintosh filename.

For example:

"my stack"
"HD20:Wally's Stacks:my stack"
"my file alias"

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