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set [the] dragSpeed to posInteger

The dragSpeed property returns or sets how many pixels per second the pointer will move when manipulated by all subsequent drag commands. Use 0 to drag as fast as possible.

The dragSpeed affects all of the paint tools except the Bucket and Text tools.

On idle, HyperCard resets the dragSpeed to 0.


set the dragSpeed to 0

set the dragSpeed to 100

Demo Script

on dragSpeedDemo
  displayMessage "Drag speeds" & return & spaces(4) & "50" & ¬
  spaces(11) & "75" & spaces(11) & "150" & spaces(9) & "225" & ¬
  spaces(10) & "450" & spaces(10) & "800" & spaces(6) & "1600" & ¬
  spaces(8) & "2200" & spaces(9) & "0"
  set the textSize of line 2 of bkgnd field "Demo Field" to 14
  show bkgnd field "Demo Field"
  choose rect tool
  drawShape "16,230","59,105","50"
  drawShape "64,105","107,230","75"
  drawShape "113,230","156,105","150"
  drawShape "162,105","205,230","225"
  drawShape "211,230","254,105","450"
  drawShape "259,105","302,230","800"
  drawShape "308,230","351,105","1600"
  drawShape "357,105","400,230","2200"
  drawShape "405,230","448,105","0"
  wait 65
  domenu "revert"
  hide bkgnd field "Demo Field"
  choose browse tool
end dragSpeedDemo
on drawShape  startTopLeft, endBotRight, theDragSpeed
  set dragSpeed to theDragSpeed
  drag from startTopLeft to endBotRight
end drawShape
on setUpPaint
  show card picture
  set centered to FALSE
  set lineSize to 2
  set filled to FALSE
  set grid to FALSE
  set multiple to FALSE
end setUpPaint


An expression that evaluates to a positive integer.

For example:
67 mod 13
the number of bg fields
the number of backgrounds
the number of cards div 2
See also: background, bkgnd, button, card, chunk, field, menu, and menuItem

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