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Commands sent automatically

HyperCard sends some commands automatically in response to events, just as it sends system messages. But unlike system messages, if the command passes all the way to HyperCard, HyperCard performs a built-in action. So if you trap the command, the action won't happen.

HyperCard sends choose and doMenu as messages when the user chooses a tool or an item from one of HyperCard’s menus. It sends close as a message when the user clicks the close box of a window.

HyperCard sends help as a message when the user chooses Help from the Go menu (or presses Command-?).

HyperCard sends arrowKey, commandKeyDown, controlKey, enterInField, enterKey, functionKey, keyDown, returnInField, returnKey, and tabKey as messages when the user presses a key. It automatically sends errorDialog and appleEvent messages.

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