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set [the] family of button to integer
where integer resolves to a value between 0 and 15, and 0 means “no family.”

This property sets or retrieves the button family for a given button.

Setting the hilite of any button in a family to true sets the hilite of all other same-family buttons to false.

The default family value for a new button is 0.

Card and button families are distinct; so there can be a family n for card buttons and another family n for background buttons.

You can also assign a button to a family by using the Family pop-up menu in the button's Get Info dialog box.


set family of background button "moo" to 3

if the family of button 3 is targetFamily then go stack farmAnimal


HyperTalk DefinitionAn expression that identifies a button by name, number, or id, using one of the following forms:

[card] button id posInteger [of card ][card] button text [of card ] -- name[card] button posInteger [of card ]ordinal [card] button [of card ]

button id posInteger [of card ]bkgnd button text [of card ] -- namebkgnd button posInteger [of card ]ordinal bkgnd button [of card ]For example:

card button id 3894
card button "Return"
card button 1
first card button
bkgnd button 2 of card 2
last bkgnd button
When used inside a button script:
When a button receives a message:
[the] target
A button can also be referred to as a part when you’re talking about its position among all buttons and fields within the same card or background.

AppleScript DefinitionAn expression that identifies a button by name, number, or id, using the same forms as HyperTalk except that “background” must be used in place of “bkgnd”.

An expression that evaluates to a positive or negative integer or to zero. For example:

18 - 100
-(3 * sum(1,3,4,5)) + 39
In AppleScript, integer is a value class.

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