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set the printTextHeight ¬
    to posInteger
The printTextHeight property returns or sets the value of the default text height (or line spacing) used by the print command. The default value is 13.

When you print a report, HyperCard determines the default text height for a report item as follows:

• If the report item is the text of a card or background field, HyperCard uses the text height of the field.

• If the report item is generated from any other HyperTalk expression, HyperCard uses the value of printTextHeight.

In either case, the user can override the default height by selecting a height in the Item Info dialog box of the report item.


set the printTextHeight to 20


An expression that evaluates to a positive integer.

For example:
67 mod 13
the number of bg fields
the number of backgrounds
the number of cards div 2
See also: background, bkgnd, button, card, chunk, field, menu, and menuItem

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