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set [the] showPict of card ¬ to trueOrFalse set [the] showPict of bkgnd ¬ to trueOrFalse

The showPict property returns or sets whether HyperCard shows any graphics or paint text for a card and background. The default value is true, meaning that all graphics and paint appear.

When a card picture or background picture is hidden and you try to use a Paint tool on it or paste a picture onto it, a dialog box appears asking if you want to make the picture visible. Clicking OK shows the picture; clicking the Cancel button cancels the action.

If you draw on a hidden picture from a handler, you do not get the dialog box, and whatever you draw will appear after you set showPict to true.

Demo Script

on flashPicture
    -- Flash the background picture 3 times:
    repeat 6 times
       set showPict of this bkgnd to not the showPict of this bkgnd
    end repeat
 end flashPicture


An expression that identifies a card by name, number, or id using one of the following forms (in AppleScript, use “background” in place of “bkgnd”):

recent card
card id posInteger [of bkgnd ]card text [of bkgnd ] -- namecard posInteger [of bkgnd ] -- numberordinal card [of bkgnd ]position card [of bkgnd ]

ordinal marked cardposition marked cardmarked card posInteger

For example:

card id 3894
card "Index"
card 1 of background 1
prev card
previous card of this background
next card
this card
first card
last card
middle card
any card
first marked card
last marked card
next marked card
previous marked card
marked card 1
marked card (the number of marked cards)
When used inside a card script in HyperTalk:
When a card receives a message:
[the] target
See also: button and field

Any expression that evaluates to the HyperTalk and AppleScript constants true or false.

For example:

the hilite of bg btn "Yes"
fld "Zip" contains "95014"
the short name of this stack is "Fred"

A HyperTalk expression that identifies a background by name, number, or id, using one of the following forms:

bkgnd id posInteger
bkgnd text -- name
bkgnd posInteger -- number
ordinal bkgnd
position bkgnd

For example:
bkgnd id 3894
bkgnd "Index"
bkgnd 1
prev bkgnd
previous bkgnd
next bkgnd
this bkgnd
first bkgnd
last bkgnd
middle bkgnd
any bkgnd
From within a background script, the term me refers to that background.
When a background receives a the message [the] target, that message is referring to the background.

See also: card

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