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enable menu
enable menuItem of menu
enable button
The enable command activates menu items, entire menus, or buttons that are inactive (dimmed). It’s a shortcut for setting the enabled property to true.

The enable command enables only items in HyperCard’s menus that are currently available to the user. For example, the following command will not enable the Button Info command in the Objects menu unless a button is currently selected:

enable menuItem 1 of menu "Objects"


enable menu "File"
enable menu 2
enable second menu

enable menuItem "New" of menu "File"
enable menuItem 2 of menu 2
enable second menuItem of second menu

enable background button 3
enable last button


An expression that evaluates to one of the following:

menu text
menu posInteger
ordinal menu
For example:

menu "File"
menu 2
second menu

An expression that evaluates to one of the following:

menuItem text
menuItem posInteger
ordinal menuItem
For example:

menuItem "New"
menuItem 2
second menuItem

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